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Operating the EXL like an expert



Your EXL Slip Tester, is supplied ready to use (except for co2 cartridges) priced delivered to your location (UPS outside the UK, excluding local taxes etc), many customers take it straight from the case and after some instruction, put it to work, where it quickly repays your investment.


The EXL is designed for use on wet or otherwise lubricated surfaces, it can be used on stairs, with direct reading, no calculations required. When preparing your EXL we are aware of the conditions the machine will be operated under, so the Operator has everything to make sure it gives consistent and accurate service during the year, before the annual Calibration Testing and Certification.


Using an EXL must mean you buy into the program of continued excellence and training, maintaining quality testing, with validity in the results. Confident in your equipment and in your own ability to deliver accurate information is all part of the EXL program.


The unique advantages of using an EXL:

  • Use on wet or oily surfaces.
  • Can measure heavily textured surfaces.
  • Direct reading, no calculations of results.
  • Use on ramps without recalibration.
  • No need to recalibrate after each test area.
  • Test direction of travel on stair treads.
  • Use in confined spaces.
  • Self-contained, uses 12 gram co2 cartridges.
  • Can be carried and taken as hand luggage on an aircraft.
  • Weighs less than 2 kilos (under 6 kilos when packed).
  • Guaranteed for 12 months against build defects.


Self-powered, direct reading, the EXL has no batteries to charge, instead it uses 12gm co2 cartridges, once working pressure is set, the force applied is constant, so both force and velocity remain the same at all angles of inclination, the operation of the test foot manipulates the hydrodynamic squeeze film on the interface.


Depress and release the actuation button, the test foot is released from the cylinder and makes contact with the surface, decline the the mast by turning the thumb wheel and repeat the proceedure until a 'slip' occurs, then record the value from the scale on the side of the tester and move to the next test spot.


The flexible 'ankle' on the test foot allows the vertical and horizontal forces to be applied together on surface contact, so it easily overcomes the problem associated with surface measurement of stiction/adhesion/stick slip problems which arise from the delay between test foot contact with the surface and the initiation of horizontal motion.





  exlside Foot pressure pad on EXL testerThe dial on the EXL testerMechanics of the EXL testerWorkings of the EXL IMG 0144