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 EXL Slip Tester


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Often working with a client who has a  floor that has failed a slip resistance test,  BDI Solutions specialises in one off cleans to make floors seviceable again and when requested, provide a regular cleaning service to maintain those busy commercial floors, during a nightime closure.

Your new cleaning regime must take into account the amount of dirt that passes through during a normal day, many methods used for regular cleaning amount to some form of soil averaging, that is redistributing grease and other soiling evenly over the whole surface, so it is easy to see the results of cleaning as an accident waiting to happen!

A variability of conditions and phenomena occur in a real world environment, evaluations of prospective flooring materials, finishes or treatments must be carried out under existing conditions.

Our services include:

  • 'Safety Cleaning
  • Detailed Estimate of works
  • Specialised cleaning and 'Floor Refinishing of hard floors
  • All floors are finished and maintained with our EVER Product range
  • 'Carpet Upholstery' cleaning with a low moisture carpet cleaning system.
  • Scheduled inspections to maintain a 'cleaning standard' with our EXL Slip tester 
  • Full technical support, customised cleaning specifications ( typical cleaning spec )
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