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 EXL Slip Tester


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Why Choose the EXL Slip Tester?


The number one preventable workplace loss type, is slip falling accidents, the UK manufactured EXL Slip Tester (English XL VIT) is a Variable Incidence Tribometer, built in our workshops to William English original design standard but manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 and BS OHSAS 18001.

This ultimate portable safety engineering tool, is an accepted scientific instrument and tests made with the EXL to ASTM F1679 and ASTM F2508-11 will correlate well with tests made with the Pendulum and BS 7976, weighing less than 2 kilo's it is easily transported and used on sites around the world, improving safety and reducing accidents.

Since 2001 the BDI EXL Deck Tester has been used as a safety tool for Offshore Friction Testing, specially prepared for use offshore, supplied with hard carry case, detailed Testing Protocol (written in conjunction with the Helideck Certification Agency), a Calibration Certificate (for use in Safety Reports), it is easily hand carried on an aircraft.

Even though BS 7976 is the preferred standard by HSE solicitors for court cases, the EXL was Independently tested by the UK HSL in 2001 they concluded 'This work clearly illustrates that results from the VIT in contaminated conditions relate closely to Pendulum data' (see graph), however other testing devices ‘similar’ but not the same as the pendulum have hijacked BS 7976 to help authenticate these devices!

Other reports state 'the EXL easily distinguishes between clean and contaminated surfaces' BAA used the EXL Slip Tester as part of their own in house Floors Standard to monitor floors, saving the business money and improving safety, while at the same time meeting their Duty of Care.

EXL Slip Tester or English XL or EXL Deck Tester

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Further HSL investigation suggested 'investigation of the repeatability and reproducibility of these tests (Pendulum & VIT) suggests that they are all very similar in this respect', our own data shows that the EXL easily mimics the testing trend of the Pendulum, agreeing with safety classifications.

Priced to provide best value in a safety tool:, buy into this credible, light weight, cutting edge slip meter which can be yours, for the price of just a few localised tests, with low maintenance costs it will quickly return your investment, the BDI EXL has proven to be cost neutral when used to meet your duty of care, monitor safety or cleaning at your facility.


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