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In the UK, there is no legal requirement to know the slip resistance of floors, the law does not define slip resistance, none of the regulations define the level of slip resistance either or test protocols that should be followed, but regulations like the Occupier Liability Act require owners and operators have a Duty of Care to employees and public alike, to make sure their floors are not slippery or otherwise unsafe during normal use, with monitoring deemed best practice.

Surfaces are tested in ‘as found’ condition, no cleaning or special preparation is carried out, an average slip test survey is likely to include 150 individual tests, larger areas will include more, carried out in a wet condition, the floor is rewet during testing, directionality, traffic patterns, floor variations, contamination, degradation and any accident areas are taken into account and reported.

The EXL is used under wet conditions so what ever your requirements, Pedestrian Slip Injury Reporting, Risk Assessment Analysis, Monitoring Floors for Performance, Slip Resistance Testing or a Purpose Written Safety Standard, contact us so we can discuss your needs and offer a fixed price proposal. As Independant Consultants, we are pleased to put together a consultation fee based on your particular requirements, to allow a proactive approach to safety, not just reactive to accidents.

Our growing network is able to respond quickly, offering competative Independant Slip Resistance Testing, a regular planned programe can be very cost affective and the accompanying report used as part of your risk assesment,  test in schools, leisure centres, swimming pools, hotels etc; carry out testing at busy times too as the EXL is compact in operation and easy to move between testing areas.

Use the EXL Slip Tester to  proactively monitor cleaning and safety, respond quickly to incidents.  Personal Injury, Legal and Safety Professionals involved in accident claims should forward details via our contacts page, for a prompt response.