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Y Slip Treatment

If a walking surface is found to be excessively slippery, either through accident experience or by measuring the slip resistance performance with a slip meter, consideration should be given in the first instance to the surface, perhaps making it sufficiently rougher to make it safer in the normal use environment. This can be accomplished by changing the existing surface properties by chemical treatment, such as Y-Slip Treatment or by using aggressive cleaners to remove hard films that level the surface through build-up masking the original finish or the surface can be abraded or textured by the use of mechanical equipment.

However due consideration must be taken for many natural stone or mineral flooring materials, such as marble, granite, slate or flagstone, and many cement based products, such as terrazzo, manufactured ceramic tile, glazed and unglazed tile, quarry tile, and porcelain, etc, used abundantly in the construction.When used to make shower trays, sinks, baths etc; many of these products are manufactured just within the nationally recognized guidelines for a safe, dry walking surface, so as these surfaces become contaminated, they fall below the safe level when dry. In addition, when the surfaces become wet, the friction can fall well below these same guidelines for a safe walking surface, thus creating a hazardous environment.

Y-Slip is an applied patented chemical formulation that modifies the molecular structure of mineral floors, creating a slip resistant surface, the treatment is microscopic and will not affect the durability of the floor, unlike some other high dosing chemical treatments available.

It would be wrong to assume a treatment like Y-Slip, containing acid, will immediately damage your floor as it has a pH of 4.1, so when neutral pH is 7 Y-Slip is not very high, consider also that coca cola has a pH of 2.2 and battery acid 1.0 pH!

Independently tested by the HSL the results clearly showed a marked increase in slip resistance when a Y-Slip treated tile was tested under wet conditions, compared to an untreated tile. Treated floors need to be maintained to preserve the integrity of the treatment and not with a diluted wash of the treatment, but a resdiue free, neutral ph cleaner such as Actium or EverClean.

How is Y-SLIP different from other anti slip floor treatments?

Y-SLlP is an installed treatment, applied by our certified contractors, but it is not a topical coating. Over the years, attempts have been made to reduce slip/fall accidents by applying epoxies and other substances containing abrasives, or gluing gritty pads to the floor. There are also products that contain high concentrations of strong acids that remove the glaze from a tile. These out dated measures destroy the natural beauty of floors, are unhygienic and very hard to maintain.

Will Y-SLlP change the look of the floor surface?

Y-SLlP works practically invisibly. Independent tests by a leading US testing laboratory concluded that there is no significant change to the surface appearance or to the texture of the treated floor. Some very high gloss floors may show a small reduction in sheen, which is why we always recommend testing a small area before application.

What types of surfaces can Y-SLlP be applied to?

Y-SLlP can be applied to ceramic and quarry tile, porcelain, granite, slate, concrete and other hard mineral surfaces. It works on marbles although we recommended that Y-SLlP not be applied to diamond polished marble floors.

What about dark, coloured, patterned, or high sheen tiles and surfaces?

Y-SLlP will handle them all. However the quality of tiles varies greatly and all surfaces should be tested prior to treatment.

Will the grout be affected?

Y-SLlP will not affect the integrity or colour of the grout, it will simply clean it.

How do I know if Y-SLlP will work on a specific mineral surface?

We will test a small area ( 1 or 2 tiles ) before undertaking a full treatment.

Can Y-SLlP be applied on a waxed or sealed floor?

Y-SLlP works only when applied directly to mineral surfaces. The wax or sealer must be completely removed prior to applying the treatment. If a wax or sealer is applied after the treatment, it will negate the process.

Has Y-SLlP been tested?

Y-SLlP has been rigorously tested by one of Americas leading independent testing laboratories and the results exceed all national standards for dry floors, even when wet. Y-SLlP has also been certified as a slip resistance by Underwriters Laboratory Inc; one of the nations leading testing and certification laboratories.

Is Y-SLlP safe for the environment?

Y-SLlP is safe and environmentally friendly. Y-SLlP is safe and environmentally friendly.

How do you maintain a Y-SLlP treated floor?

Y-SLlP treated floors should be maintained with the patented Actium cleaner. Maintenance is an essential part of any floor safety program. Y-SLlP has formulated the Actium Maintenance Cleaner, that is designed to ensure maximum slip resistance, which is obviously ideal for a Y-SLlP treated floor. Monitor cleaning quality on hard floors with the EXL Slip Tester.  

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