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Ever Products


The original home for EverClean, EverPolish and EverClean 2000, for ongoing maintenance Available mail order contact us for a price list.


EverClean- Daily cleaner with Spearmint Scent

The choice of professionals, this free rinsing  long lasting, concentrated, neutral  pH cleaner designed for regular maintenance on most water Example of a floor after it has had ever clean used on itsafe hard surfaces. Used regularly in pubs, leisure centre's, hotels etc; in regular use by domestic customers too. A mild, but powerful  blend of  detergents, active  surfactants  and wetting  agents, help  lift and dissolve dirt and grease on contact. Can be used in conjunction with Actium and Y-Slip.



EverPolish - Durable water based Acrylic Floor Polish

Example of Ever Polish This water  based  acrylic  floor  polish  is designed to  protect and  maintain the  finish of newly sealed floors and is easy to apply to existing, where it can be 'feathered' in, without re-coating the whole, avoiding polish build-up and the need to strip and reseal so regularly. Suitable for both domestic and commercial interior walking areas.




EverClean 2000 - Multi purpose degreaser and polish removerExample of Ever Clean 2000

Probably the only deep cleaner you will ever need, this complex  blend  of  powerful  detergents, surfactants  and  cleaning  solvents,  combine  to  form an unrivaled, extremely effective,  industrial strength, all purpose cleaner, degreaser and polish remover. For cleaning all types of hard flooring just adjust the dilution to suit.  Can be used in conjunction with Actium and Y-Slip.


EverBlock - Stain resistance impregnator

Ever Block being used on a tileA revolutionary stain resistant penetrating sealer, that is  water based, but designed to seal and protect a variety of dense and porous surfaces. Containing no harsh solvents or fumes  makes it  safe and easy to use for professionals and DIY enthusiasts  alike. When  used as  supplied, it will facilitate the removal of dirt, cooking oil, beverages, grease, graffiti etc.



EverCitrus - All purpose cleaner in concentrate or ready to use

A citrus based d-limonene all purpose cleaner. Safe for use on ceramic tile, natural stone,  showers, counter tops, bathrooms, kitchens,  appliances,  walls,  floors, vinyl, plastic, aluminum and chrome.



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