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Risk Management, Safety Services, Y-Slip Treatment, Cleaning Services, Natural Stone, Smooth/Textured finishes, EXL Slip Meter.

Specifying the right material is key, correct maintenance will maximise the life of any surface, most surfaces require a certain friction value to operate safely, however this can be confusing when a variety of measuring tables are used to give a value, slippage on wet or otherwise contaminated surfaces are a big deal, measuring installed surfaces with a Slip Meter will assess slip potential and high light problems that influence friction properties that cannot always be identified visually or through laboratory testing alone.

Safety solutions vary for every environment, especially where the wrong material has been installed, identify risk, tke control, every business has a Duty of Care to ensure Flooring Surfaces do not present a Safety Risk, are Fit for Purpose and are maintained properly.


Hard Surface, Safety, Risk and Cleaning, Y-Slip  

   EXL Slip Meter


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